What is coaching?


The name "coaching" comes from the world of sporst. At the beginning of the  seventies Timoty Gallway wrothe the books “"The Inner Game of Tennis", "Inner Skiing" and "The Inner Game of Golf". He was an educational - and tennis exspert and he based his work on the theory that ”the rival in your own head is bigger and stronger than the rival on the other side of the net”. He pointed out that coaching, instead of instructing , would help the player to remove the inner rival and the inner obstacles and thereby the body and the system will correct itself. The natural ability to solve the task and prepare for the performance will be distinctive.

Coaching is about unlocking peoples potentials and thereby increase their own capabilities and performance. It is about helping people to learn instead of intructing or teaching them. In other words: Get the best out of people so that they can get the best out of themselves. It is about taking control from your own mind – learn how to learn – be creative.

Coaching is:

  • Assisting people instead of teaching them
  • Opening up for the persons full potential
  • Improving performances
  • Creating awarenes
  • Creating responsibility by ownership to own solutions 

Coaching is based on:

  • Asking questions
  • Active listening
  • Focusing on outcomes, possibilities, potential, solutions – a future focused prosess
Coaching is different from theapy where the focus often is around problems. The questions a coach will ask are powerful and move the person to the unconxious mind. This leads to exceptional access to the persons own unreleased recourses, and can lead to breakthrough experiences for many.

Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help people to obtain satisfying results in their personnal and professional lives. Coaches create a safe arena and help people to improve their performance and intensify the quality of their lives. 

Coaches are trained to listen and observe and to ajust their approach to individual needs. They seed to bring out solutions and strategies from the person and they think that everybody are naturally creative and resoursful. The coach’s job is to provide support to strengthen the abilities, the resources and the creativity tha the person already have.