Business Training

Training in methods based on NLP and Coaching models and techniques. The methods are easy to apply and they have instant effect. 

Target group: Persons who wish to upgrade their skills in communication in a leadership perspective. The training includes methods to become more distinct, have more impact and create a good working environment.
Duration: 2-3 days
Internal training: Agreements are made with organisations/businesses.
  • The training provide tools to find necessary focus as a leader.
  • The methods are easily accessable, simple and easy to apply.
  • Focus on perspectiv, insight in cause and effect.
  • The participants will have access to new conciousness around the effect of communication.
  • Focus is put on each participants need for progress.

Actual topics for training:

  • Language/Language models
  • Influence and feedback
  • Teamwork , confidence and credibility
  • Perception of ”world”
How to establish contact
  • Relation building
  • Focus
  • Message
  • Values and resourse access
  • Sensory acuity
  • Seeing connetions
  • States and state control
Leadership and leading of self
  • Security and credibility
  • Leaderhip qualities
  • Perspectives and overwiev
  • Self development