About us

Kari Lise Barstad

kalibar2.jpgKari Lise is a licenced NLP Trainer who can provide you with an international recognized NLP Certification at the completion of the NLP Courses.

She ha Bachelor of Arts with qualifications and experience in leadership, education, ecomomy and administration in private and pubic sector in Norway and abroad. She has practice in effective learning processes resulting in change and desired behaviour.

Kari Lise has studied NLP og Coaching in England and USA, og shas a Certification from NLP University in California with well known trainers as Robert Dilts. Kari Lise has 10 years experience in contributing to peoples personal and professional success. She makes use of the effective NLP and coaching, both as a trainer at NLP Training courses and as Coach for leaders and employees in businesses and others who want more out of life.

She is focused on contributing to peoples awareness of their possibities of choice and the resources needed to get where they want to be.

Vision: Contribute to create a world where everybody are in harmony with themselves and their environments.

e-mail: kari.lise@nlpca.no          Tel: +47 98246600

Tor Harald Huseby

torharald.jpgTor Harald has many years  experience as a coach, advisor and course instructor with high competence within career development, mapping of competence and communication. He has solid coaching competence coaching leaders and profession specialists in job searching processes. He uses the powerful NLP tools in these processes, with  successful results.

Tor Harald is certified NLP Trainer by  Robert Dilts  at the NLP University  of USA, and he has several coaching certificates, including from the NLP creator Dr. John Grinder. Tor Harald has worked as NLP Coach and NLP course instructor since 2005. He has long professional experience from operative section in the airline industry where he had a central role in the daily operation. In addition Tor Harald has solid project experience from the recruitment field.

e-mail: tohhu@online.no    tel: +47 45605678.